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Alchemy is the process of combining certain items to make another item. There are a total of 5 alchemy skills, which are: Potion Production, Stone Production, Scroll Production, Material Composition, and Material Decomposition. A player can only learn 2 alchemy skills per character.

Getting Started

When you've decided which two alchemy skills you would like to learn.

  • Press 'K' to bring up your skill interface and click on Alchemy Icon to bring up the Alchemy window. You can also click Alchemy Mini-Map Icon on the mini-map interface to access the Alchemy window.
  • If your character does not have 2 alchemy skill already selected, you'll be prompted with the selection window. Simply click and drag the alchemy skill you want and drop it on an empty space above.
  • Once you've chosen your desired alchemy skills, right clicking on the skill icon will bring up that skill's alchemy window. Here you can check how much experience you have in this alchemy skill (4), the ingredients required to produce an item (3), and the different items you can make (1).
  • You'll have to buy the recipe from Skill Masters or receive them as a drop from monsters. Once you've acquired the recipe and ingredients needed to make the items, you can click on the item and then click Produce, to make the item.

Material Composition

Material Composition is the process of creating higher tiered items by combining the lower tiered counterparts with Alchemy Stones.