The Fiesta Wiki has since it's been created become fairly big. Since it could be hard to navigate trough this site this section was created.

Monster pages

There are alot of monsters in the game of Fiesta. To help you navigate trough them each monster has Navboxes with every monster that lives in the same field as that monster in it. A few examples of monsters are:

Item Pages

There also are alot of Items in the game of Fiesta. to help you Navigate trough them each item is in the Item category and items are also devided in some groups(See the categories for Equipment, Production Item and Scroll Ingrediënt for example) A few example pages are:

City and Area Pages

City and Area Pages do excist on the Wiki, hower, I still have not created a template for them. An example:

Status Pages

A Character in Fiesta has various Status it relies on in combat. On the wiki there are some pages about some status but most still don't excist yet. here are some examples:

Other Usefull Pages

Other Usefull pages could be:

Important and usefull Templates

Some Templates on this Wiki are very handy and make it easy to make stuff like Navboxes and Signatures. DO not try to edit or create a template if you are not good at it. Do you want a Template or Infobox to be created contact me. So heres a list(there are more):

Navbox Creating

Excisting Navboxes



Example Signatures

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Administrator Contacts

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