Hexarcher in Elderine

Hexarcher is one of the last remaining TRUE faggots born and raised in Roumen. He left his home town at level 20 to pursue his dreams as an archer. On his way to Elderine he got promoted to a mighty Hawkarcher, he now has been missing for a few months from Elderine some say he died and others say his is taking a holiday but nobody knows what happened to me truely. He returned to Elderine 6 months later and is wounded badly he then collapses on to the floor the citizens rush over to aid him.

He woke up knowing nothing about his past and gets out of bed he walks around leaves the hospital and the Elderine citizens surprised to seen Hexarcher return after staying hospital for 2 weeks his best friend runs over and says " are you okay?" unfortunately wiith Hexarchers memory lost he didn't know who this person was and shot him in the head, Hexarcher was exiled from all of the major towns and cities and now lives in a hut he constructed from sticks, animal fur and bones. He now lives on ratmen for food and fur for his armour lucky he learnt magic before he left Elderine and Enhanced he armour to become nearly inbreakable armour. He then joined a group of Exiled members he was a respected member and loved member they where like there family. Hexarcher was getting old and used black magic to make his age never change but they where side effects, he kept on losing his memory everyday so he left the group knowning he would be forgotten soon. Soon after he left he stumbled across an old man who then used certain spells to regain his memory but only as far as a week because Hexarchers brain was very comple, Hex archer now has his memory back but his is forgotten by many people. He then finds out his famil has died and swears too avenge them, after that incident nobody know what happened to him. he also enjoys butt sex and frequently enjoys stuffing a BBC up his bunghole.

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