A screenshot of King Slimes Counterattack

Kingdom Quests are special adventures for up to 15 players, which exist outside the normal Fields. In each of these quests there are a veriety of monsters to be defeated, and sometimes other goals to be achieved. These quests are limited by time and level. You must 'participate' by talking to the town chief in Roumen, or the Chief Guard in Elderine (or possibly an NPC in other towns). Once you have initiated conversation with an appropriate NPC, you click the 'Kingdom Quest' button. This opens a Kingdom Quest window which lists the various Kingdom Quests, thier status, and some information about a selected instance.


It is important to participate as a part of the group. Because of the level limits, it is exceedingly difficult to 'solo' a KQ. For most efficient experience gain you should form a party of players who also have the same Kingdom Quest quest (and thus the same list of monsters to kill). Try to avoid Kill Stealing. Try to follow the chat to learn what other members of the group are trying to do, and how to help, or at least not interfere. With the proper approach Kings Quests can be one of the most exciting and rewarding aspects of the game.

The various Kingdom Quests

The Kingdom quests in Fiesta are: