The port town of Roumen


Town Chief Roumenus

No. of NPC(s)


No. of Portal(s)


Roumen is a town in south-eastern Iysa. It is the first town players are introduced to excluding Tabbot-Town.

Roumen Map Edit

*Interactive Map*
Portal:Forest of TidesHealer JuliaGrandpa RobinFurniture Shop Owner Forest TomAnvilBlacksmith JamesForest of Tides Info SignStorage Keeper RainaSkill Master RubyTown Chief RoumenusElement Helper RemiVietreeAncient Templar MariaTeleport GateItem Merchant PeyWeapon Title Merchant ZachBattleZone GatekeeperGuild Item MerchantGuild Manager BromPortal:Sea of GreedPortal:Sand BeachPortal:Regal SeigePortal:??????Portal:Ominous CanyonScience MingRoumen map
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